About Us

YKMakers is dedicated to creating and operating a maker society in Yellowknife. The goal is to build a community of people interested in creating real things using technology of all levels, with a focus on connecting YKMakers members to one another and to the greater Yellowknife community of young people, educators, engineers, creators, and entrepreneurs. It is an organization where exploration, learning, citizen research, and the sharing of ideas is encouraged for personal, educational, artisanal, or economic development purposes.

Announcing Open Workshops starting this Sunday

YKMakers is pleased to announce the first Open Workshops have been added to the schedule. For details, see the Open Workshops page.

Open Workshops are run by members, for members. It grants access to private workshops, laboratories, crafting spaces, providing a place to work, learn, and share expertise in a low-stress, free form environment. Open Workshops are free to attend for members of YKMakers, but consumable items (such as printer filament, or electronics components) are expected to be paid for by the members.

Workshop: Intro to Programming with Python

YKMakers is pleased to announce their first workshop: Intro to Programming with Python. This workshop will be held on Saturday, January 16th from 4 pm to 10 pm. Cost of the workshop is $20 for non-members, or $10 for members. Please contact ykmakers@gmail.com to reserve your seat. Edit (Jan 13th): We are now full! We'll run this one again in the future!


YKMakers is Official

YKMakers held a board meeting today. The four founders approved our Charter, and our Community Code of Conduct. So now we're officially a thing. This means that we're officially open to membership!

First Post!

Welcome to YKMakers brand new website. As content is a bit, well, sparse, someone needed to get the ball rolling!

Hello, my name is Troy Unrau, and I'm a tinkerer. Here is my workshop!

It is my hope to see YKMakers grow beyond it's humble origins (a few people with workshops in their homes, like the above) into a full fledged maker space.

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