About Us

With Apologies, YKMakers has been shut down due to lack of dedicated volunteer time. If you are interested in restarting YKMakers, and have a substantial amount of available time to commit to this task, please contact Troy Unrau.


Workshop: Intro to Programming with Python

YKMakers is pleased to announce their first workshop: Intro to Programming with Python. This workshop will be held on Saturday, January 16th from 4 pm to 10 pm. Cost of the workshop is $20 for non-members, or $10 for members. Please contact ykmakers@gmail.com to reserve your seat. Edit (Jan 13th): We are now full! We'll run this one again in the future!


YKMakers is Official

YKMakers held a board meeting today. The four founders approved our Charter, and our Community Code of Conduct. So now we're officially a thing. This means that we're officially open to membership!

First Post!

Welcome to YKMakers brand new website. As content is a bit, well, sparse, someone needed to get the ball rolling!

Hello, my name is Troy Unrau, and I'm a tinkerer. Here is my workshop!

It is my hope to see YKMakers grow beyond it's humble origins (a few people with workshops in their homes, like the above) into a full fledged maker space.

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