About Us

With Apologies, YKMakers has been shut down due to lack of dedicated volunteer time. If you are interested in restarting YKMakers, and have a substantial amount of available time to commit to this task, please contact Troy Unrau.


YKMakers is dedicated to creating and operating a maker society in Yellowknife. The goal is to build a community of people interested in creating real things using technology of all levels, with a focus on connecting YKMakers members to one another and to the greater Yellowknife community of young people, educators, engineers, creators, and entrepreneurs. It is an organization where exploration, learning, citizen research, and the sharing of ideas is encouraged for personal, educational, artisanal, or economic development purposes. The association will benefit the community by: increasing collaboration, allowing people to learn new skills, encouraging entrepreneurial activities, and lowering the social and economic barriers of entry to technology and research.

The YKMakers Charter

About The Board:

Secretary: Troy Unrau